Change your mind to help you conceive

Struggling to conceive?

With all the pressures, hopes and expectations of women today, you may have spent years actively making sure you do not conceive.  Many women are zooming through their prime child-bearing years with thoughts of career, travel, romance, money, mortgages…… their only thoughts on conception are remembering to take the pill and hoping to keep their periods regular so that they can plan their social life more effectively.

Then at some point her body clock begins ticking louder and louder until strong new feelings seep through every pore, a new longing, a new desire to hold her own baby.  Gone is the desire for a full throttle lifestyle and in its place is such an inner longing, a desperate yearning to fulfil her true role, to become a mother.

And yet for many women, that decision to become pregnant does not always translate into reality.  Consciously she decides that now would be a good time to become pregnant but for many reasons her body does not seem to get the message and month after month go by without the outcome she craves.   She may then spend hours searching the internet on how to get pregnant and it will throw up all kinds of physical factors such as having regular sex (duh!), eat a healthy diet, reduce weight, take vitamins, monitor ovulation, reduce caffeine…..

However, what most articles and websites seem to miss, is that your body does not work in a purely physical way. Yes all those things are important BUT they are missing a cruicial factor – your thoughts, fears and emotions are all inextricably linked with your physical functions. In fact our emotions, memories and thoughts are all stored within our body and are interconnected with every physical function. Take a moment to think of something that made you sad, an event in the past…. then notice where you are “feeling” it right now.  The chances are it is somewhere in your body and NOT in your mind.

Even though you may consciously feel now is a good time to get pregnant, there may also be a whole host of subconscious reasons which are holding you back.  There may be issues and fears which you have not really faced up to or even ones that you may not be aware of.

  • Issues and concerns related to your own childhood, your parents, your perception of their love
  • Your feelings about your own ability as a mother
  • Concerns over how becoming a mother will change you, your lifestyle, your relationships, your sense of self, your place in the world.
  • Feelings about your body, your sexuality,
  • Your ability to cope with pregnancy and childbirth
  • Material issues such as coping financially, the size of your house, car, mortgage.

All of these can act as blocks to giving your body “permission” to conceive.

So something which may appear as “physical”, such as conceiving a child, is actually heavily influenced by a woman’s thoughts, emotions and fears. I am sure you have heard of examples where a couple have tried to conceive for many years and then finally give up and decide to adopt, or to go on holiday and then hey presto they get pregnant.  What was different? Did her body suddenly change, did his sperm suddenly get more powerful?  Usually it is when the mental thoughts and fears are put aside and she is no longer holding herself back or “trying” to get pregnant.

Changing words can change feelings

elegant young woman with pregnancy testSimply the language we use to ourselves as well as others, can have a huge impact on our physical responses – if you think of the word “trying”, what does that actually mean? It implies putting in a lot of effort… but without much success. Take out the word “trying” and suddenly things become lighter, feel more positive, more empowering, more successful – so instead of “trying to get pregnant” how about “preparing to get pregnant” or “getting ready to conceive”.  This message will be received far more positively by the body than just “trying”. Think of the title to this blog – struggling to conceive. How does the word “struggling” make you feel?  Again change that to “preparing to conceive” and see how that makes you feel.  It may sound a bit pedantic but feeling more positive about the process is a small step in the right direction.


I know this may sound a bit hippy dippy, but a great start is to spend time meditating and turning inwards, by actively giving your body permission to conceive, telling your inner self that it is OK to get pregnant, that now everything that is important is in place and it is OK to welcome a baby into your body.

Ways to use your mind to improve your chances of conceiving

Taking time out to really understand and evaluate your feelings is the first step towards preparing yourself to conceive.

  1. Write down a list of anything  that you are worried about or that might be a mental or emotional blocker, no matter how trivial you think it may be.
  2. Once you are aware of them – and you may be surprised at what comes out, spend time relaxing and then thinking about each one in turn acknowledging that up until now, it has played an important role
  3. Then imagine letting them go – imagine tying each one to a balloon and watch it float away, or imagine dropping them down a well, or putting them on a white fluffy cloud – as crazy as that may sound, after you have consciously “let them go” you will begin to feel different
  4. If you have rouble letting go, ask yourself how keeping that thought is helpful or beneficial to you. Then focus on dealing with the answer to that question.  It is quite possible that this is your subconscious’ way of protecting yourself by preventing you from getting pregnant.  If this is really challenging it may be useful to seek the help of a therapist.

How can hypnosis help with conceiving?

Firstly it is important to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnosis.  Essentially it is time when your thought patterns shift from the conscious, analytical, here and now way of thinking to a pattern of more relaxed, day-dream like wandering of thoughts.  This actually happens naturally many times a day – such as when we are driving, reading, focusing, day dreaming etc.

Therefore hypnosis is a state of mind that is totally natural and familiar to everyone. During this time you become more receptive to positive suggestions and thought patterns as your thoughts are less constrained by your analytical, critical way of thinking (your conscious mind). Technically it is a time when we have a greater degree of control over our thoughts and an increased ability to access the part of our mind which stores all out thoughts, fears, memories, patterns as well as physical functions (known collectively as the subconscious) – quite often the reason that good ideas can come to you spontaneously when you are relaxing in the bath, driving, going to sleep!

Normally we dip in and out of this state many times a day, however, with guidance and practice you can actively take yourself into this state as a means to achieving desirable changes both emotionally and physically.  Without the usual constraints and limitations of your conscious mind these changes can take place more easily and more quickly than other approaches.

How can using hypnosis help you conceive?

Closeup portrait of a happy young woman lying on sofa and listening to music isolated on white background
Prepare to conceive hypnotherapy track


During a hypnosis session you are also benefiting from deep relaxation and increased physical well-being as you are breathing effectively, resting your body and allowing all your organs to work more efficiently.  Whilst in this relaxed state you become far more receptive to positive suggestions related to health, well-being, increased awareness of your body’s cycles and the ability to change old thought patterns.

When you apply these factors, you can begin to see how hypnosis can be beneficial in aiding conception.

  1. It promotes relaxation which in turn reduces stress ( a common factor for women having difficulties conceiving). This can be particularly beneficial when having sex so that your body is in a better “state” to aid the process of fertilisation. It can also help to cope with or even get off the “emotional rollercoaster” each month
  2. It allows you to explore any issues which may be emotionally “holding you back” from conceiving and takes you through an exercise to actively “let go” of those issues no matter how big small or insignificant they may seem.
  3. It enables you to give your body the right messages at a physical as well as emotional level (re for years telling yourself NOT to get pregnant  – you can now give yourself permission to go ahead!)
  4. Through the powerful use of visualisation it helps to condition your body to be more receptive to conception
  5. Through positive suggestions it encourages you to lead a more healthy lifestyle which again has shown to have a positive effect on conception.

You can read some of the many comments women have made after listening to my Prepare to Conceive hypnosis tracks

“We have been trying for a baby for almost 2 years with no luck. A referral to a consultant was made and I was diagnosed with grade 3 endometriosis…She told me that there is very little chance of me getting pregnant naturally…I knew that there is a slim chance of me getting pregnant naturally…. I bought the CD in October, listened to it every night and by December, we found out I was pregnant. read her full story here

“The CD is so wonderful for so many reasons… The professionalism, intelligence and knowledge of the therapist, the beautiful way in which the messages were delivered, to be able to really get inside my body and my thoughts, the relaxing music, I was fully immersed and absorbed into the meditation and was able to really let worries and concerns go. I didn’t realize I was holding onto so many negative thoughts but the CDs helped to release them.”

“I was feeling very low and decided to order your CD to try to relax me and make me feel more positive – which it did! I felt empowered listening to it – was doing something really positive when I’d felt really low and hopeless. Also helped me sleep better as I wasn’t sleeping well at time….Low and behold it was positive and 20 tests later I truly believed I was pregnant” read her full story here

I hope this has helped you see how by changing your words, thoughts and fears, your body is more likely to respond and so your chances of conceiving are increased.

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Books, books everywhere!

Easter Competition – fantastic bundle of pregnancy, birth and beyond books

book competitionIf you are pregnant then you will no doubt be aware that there are a HUGE range of books out there which give you every perspective, theory, story, therapy or approach to pregnancy and birth.  In my 15 years experience, I have definitely found that some are far better than others!

With my first pregnancy I read a whole heap and found that quite a few left me feeling more nervous and confused than anything else. So with subsequent pregnancies I ditched those and focused just on ones that helped me understand my body, understand what I could do to work with my body and of course helped me feel more confident about the whole process.  My all time favourites are by Ina May Gaskin as she instills such a sense of confidence and belief in your ability to give birth.  I also loved books by Michel Odent as he backs up so much with research and evidence and the wonderful Sheila Kitzinger . I have also been drawn to books which focus on the more natural approach to pregnancy, birth and parenting which felt right for me and my family.

Image of courtesy of

So for our Easter competition I have put together a fantastic bundle worth £100 of some of my other favorites!

– The Essential excercise and Birthball Handbook by Mark Hibbets and Martin Beckley – a really clear and easy to use guide to getting physically fit and birth ready . Lots of clear pictures and instructions on ways to use a birth ball during pregnancy birth and beyond
– Homebirth by Nicky Wesson – this was an invaluable book when I was preparing for our home births. it has a great mix of practical information, lovely birth stories and evidence based researchbook competition

– Instinctive Birthing by Val Clarke – Val is a wonderful midwife with a lifetime of experience.  This book talks about something I am passionate about – getting in touch with and trusting your instincts

– Imperfectly Natural Woman by Janey Lee Grace – Janey Lee is a family friend and is just fabulous at helping women feel amazing about themselves.  Sometimes women forget themselves a little in the whole process of pregnancy and birth, so whilst not directly connected to giving birth, it will give you heaps of fantastic ideas to getting the most out of life!

– The Gentle Sleep Solution – The naturally nurturing way to get your baby to sleep by Chireal Shallow – Chireal is an amazing woman! She is a psychologist, CBT psychotherapists and mother of four children (she also used Natal Hypnotherapy for the birth of her beautiful twin girls).

Baby signing book and DVD by Joseph Garcia – we discovered baby signing when my eldest (now 15) was about 4 months old when we met Joseph Garcia at a conference. We went on to use baby signing with all our babies and found that they were able to communicate so clearly long before they used words.
Effective Birth Preparation by Maggie Howell – well I could not exactly leave out my book

books laid out for competition

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It’s really not like the movies!

Script for a new movie-land birth….The aliens have arrived, the world is doomed, the camera turns to the pregnant lady in the car trying to flee from the alien invasion, chaos is all around. suddenly “Whoosh” her waters break, everyone panics, someone shouts for a doctor. woman is screaming, doctor comes to the rescue to deliver her baby boy ………

OK so that might be a little far-fetched, but for first time mums TV and movies are sometimes the only reference points for what birth is ‘really’ like.  I was watching a movie the other night when pretty much all of the following happened. As ever I was shouting at the TV, so for this post I thought I would compare ‘Movie land births‘ with ‘Reality‘ and dispel some of the myths.

When labour starts

movie-land birthMovie-Land Birth: Waters break dramatically  immediately followed by an enormous, breath stopping contraction, a contorted face in agony, then another, and another, and another ….

RealityOnly about 15% of women experience their waters breaking before labour starts. For the majority of women labour starts with irregular tightenings or contractions, often confused as cramps or lower back ache. These ‘cramps’ gradually get stronger and more frequent as labour progresses.

Personal experience: With all my babies I had about a week of stop start contractions. Sometimes going on for 5+ hours so I kept thinking “this is really it” and then it all fizzled out.

Waters breaking

5x02_Water_breaksMovie-Land Birth: Always at a key moment, in a very public place, before labour starts and in a huge embarrassing gush.

RealityFor the majority of women there is a slow trickle of water ( the water in front of the babies head) some women just feel like they have wet themselves a little. As often waters break during labour you are unlikely to be in a public place but more likely in your own space at home. Some women do experience a big gush of water, but for many its a much slower trickle. You may even find that your waters don’t break until after baby is born (known as en caul).

Personal experience: My waters broke before labour really kicked in with only one of my 5 babies.  With my first baby I had my waters broken after 14 hours of labour , with 2 of them my waters broke whilst I was already in established labour and continued to trickle for ages and with one of my births the baby was born with the membranes still in tact, only breaking as his head was born.

High speed action

Movie-Land Birth: In many movies the time from waters breaking to having the baby seems to be a matter of minutes, maybe an hour tops. It often includes high-speed journeys to hospital, rushing through hospitals with mum in a wheel chair as she pants clutching onto her bump, whizzed into a delivery room, and voila a few minutes later a baby is born.

RealityFor a very few women, birth can be very quick. However again for the vast majority of women (especially first time labours) it is likely to take many hours.  In reality this is wonderful,  as your body really needs that time to gradually build up the hormones, the elasticity in the cervix and to allow you to enter in to the primal labour land state so your body can just get on with this incredible job.

Personal experience: My first labour started in the evening and I gave birth the following evening so over 24 hours BUT so much of that time was spent relaxing and chilling.  I was contracting every 10 minutes through the night and then every 5 minutes for many hours so actually in total, I had about 2 hours of ACTUAL contractions. For all the others my labours were around 8 hours from beginning to end – but again remember contractions were every 5 or so minutes for much of that.

Screaming her head off

movie-land birthMovie-Land Birth: At any given moment, a woman is usually screaming , shouting, sweating gripping something for dear life and has a look of sheer panic and terror in her eyes!

RealityFor the majority of women there is a long build up or milder contractions that enable her to walk around easily and carry on with her daily routine.  As things progress she will become more serious and want to focus on her breathing and just letting the contraction pass.  Yes she may become vocal as a way of working with the contractions but this is only for the minute of so that she is having a contraction and then there is another lull.

Personal experience: I tended to be quite quiet during my labours as I prefered to completely focus on my breathing , on visualisation and on allowing my body to go completely limp.  If I had started to shout or scream I would have been introducing more tension in my body which is not very helpful. I don’t remember having any sweat at all!  With one of my births I really enjoyed humming at different pitches through each contraction.

The Hospital Bed

Movie-Land Birth: Woman is on her back, legs in stirrups with a bright red face and lots of sweat from pushing.

Reality : Laying on your back on the bed can actually make labour last longer as you actually have to push baby uphill!  Most birth centres will actively courage you to find a position that feels comfortable, even if you have had an epidural. For some women laying down on a side is easier, for some leaning against a door or kneeling on all fours. You may find that being in the water helps. The key to YOUR BIRTH is finding out WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and following your instincts as much as possible.!

Personal experience: I had all my babies at home as that is what felt right for me.  I gave birth to them in a variety of positions – three were semi recumbent on land and in water, one on all fours and one squatting.  You can watch a clip here of my fourth birth

10cm = Action Stations

movie-land birthMovie-Land Birth: Medical lead announces that woman is fully dilated and should start to push. 3 big pushes with chin on chest, in a hospital bed, with a chorus of birthing cheer leaders and baby pops out to big cheers.

Reality From the time that your cervix starts to open to the point that it is open large enough to allow your babies head to pass through, your body has put in a tremendous amount of effort. Your uterus then needs to shift a gear and start the incredible process of pushing your baby out of the birth canal. Sometimes the body needs some time to rest and then gather up its energy to start the next phase so there can be a lull  known as the “rest and be thankful” phase. Also, depending on the position of you and your baby, the time it takes to ease your baby down and out of the birth canal can be anything up to a couple os hours.

Personal experience: My 1st labour was the longest (no surprise there) with a distinct overlap between the opening contractions and the pushing down ones.  The actual pushing stage was very short – about 7 minutes. With the others I was not examined in the later stages so just went with my body and again there was overlap so I was not aware that I was fully dilated. For all mine the pushing stage was relatively short.

Maggie relaxing in water
Me relaxing in the water during my third birth

So remember that pretty much EVERYTHING you see on TV around birth is created as part of a programme or film that is fundamentally about entertainment and ratings.  The kind of births that most women have are not really that exciting to watch for hours on end (well I find them amazing and fascinating but Im a bit of a birth junkie!).  To help get a more positive perspective of birth, you can watch lots of amazing births on you tube which show women in a really different light to the ones depicted above.

Want to find out how to avoid the blockbuster style birth?

5 steps coverHaving given birth 5 times, I have put together an e-book on my 5 steps to an amazing birth.  I take you through each step, giving practical tips, ideas and suggestions on how you and your birth partner can avoid the Movie-land births described above! You can get your FREE copy by clicking here


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Show Midwives some love!

Espresso ShotThe next time you see or meet a midwife, please show them some love and appreciation – you may just make their day!  A report out this week from the Royal College of Midwives highlights the fact that almost half of midwives in the UK suffered from work related stress.  Having worked with so many midwives over the last 10 years, I find this deeply saddening and feel that we could all do more to help Midwives feel more appreciated and valued.

When you consider that pretty much every midwife became a midwife because they were passionate about helping women and their babies, there is something seriously wrong when half of them find their job has taken a toll on their emotional as well as physical well-being.  It is also shocking that 46% of midwives suffered from stress compared with only 33% of paramedics who deal with far more traumatic and life threatening situations. midwives.

One of the most challenging areas for midwives is often from other colleagues – especially senior colleagues – a very sad 32% of midwives had experienced bullying, abuse or harassment from NHS staff in the previous 12 months.

And yet much of this stress and harassment is unreported with only 37% saying that they reported the most recent experience.

And even with those statistics, it is testimony to the dedication and passion of midwives as over half of all staff (58%), reported that they often or always look forward to going to work, with 74% of staff feeling enthusiastic about their job.

RCM director for policy, employment relations and communications Jon Skewes says: ‘Midwives are the backbone of the NHS, they work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality care to women and their babies, often without fair overtime payments and to have almost 4000 midwives suffering work-related stress is deeply concerning.”

So the next time you see your midwife or speak to a midwife colleague please,

  • tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing,
  • tell them what a great job they are doing,
  • tell them what a positive influence they have had on your day….show them some love!

A few kind words can do wonders to help reduce stress and help them feel valued.

My little “token of love” to all midwives I can’t meet face to face, is to offer them my Midwife’s Companion hypnotherapy track for free.

Midwife's Companion Hypnotherapy to help midwives de stress
Free hypnotherapy download to help Midwives deal with stress

This 30 minute hypnotherapy track will help them:-

• Deal more effectively with daily stresses
• Manage your emotional as well as physical well-being
• Learn coping strategies to deal with difficult situations
• Be more instinctive
• Become better at being “with woman”
• Manage your own energy levels

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So please share this blog on your social network so more Midwives can feel the love!

I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful birth experience

We often get asked if hypnobirthing leads to a pain-free birth.  I always stress that aiming for a pain-free experience is definitely not the focus, nor should it be the goal, however some women do experience very little or no pain. Read on for a truly inspirational, uplifting and wonderful birth .

“I wanted to tell you about my recent Natal Hypnotherapy birth as I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful birth experience!

My Natal Hypnotherapy experience started as soon as I discovered I was pregnant. Having watched my sister progress from an absolute fear of childbirth to a completely drug free and pain-free homebirth using Natal Hypnotherapy, there was no doubt in my mind that I would use the same techniques. I bought the audio tracks and started listening to them at around 8 weeks. I had wanted a homebirth but the identification of a Group B Strep infection early in my pregnancy meant that I would need I.V. antibiotics during labour, and therefore a hospital birth was my only option. I had complete confidence in Natal Hypnotherapy, yet I developed a nagging concern that once I arrived at the hospital I would not be allowed to have the birth I wanted. I feared interference by healthcare professionals trying to “tick boxes” and hospitalize what should be a natural process.

We attended our Natal Hypnotherapy workshops 2 months before our baby was due.

Janine was the most exceptional and influential person I met during my A wonderful birth experiencepregnancy. She helped me realise that I really would be completely in control of the birth of my baby, despite being in hospital. Following our 2 sessions I had overcome all my fears and anxieties about the birth, and I had a newfound trust in my husband, Josh, to be my gatekeeper. I found myself getting more and more excited, and I knew that I had the ability to have a completely natural and hopefully wonderful birth experience. In my birth plan I specifically asked to be left alone throughout the whole process – I did not want to be offered pain relief and I did not want to be coached through the birth, I was so confident and relaxed!

Nearly 3 weeks before my due date I noticed that I was getting regular contractions. I had no pain at all so the few friends I mentioned it to passed them off as Braxton Hicks. I was quietly confident that this was not the case but carried on with my normal daily activities regardless. I went shopping, ate fish and chips, and even managed to sing my way through a choir rehearsal. By the next day things felt different and my contractions were coming even more regularly. I settled myself on the sofa in the morning and worked my way through a few of my favourite feel good Disney films. Around lunch time Josh ran me a lovely bubble bath but after a while lying down just didn’t feel “right” so we set up my baobab tree* in the lounge – we closed the curtains, lit some candles, played the Natal Hypnotherapy relaxing birth music CD and used some frankincense and mandarin essential oils (a smell that I just loved during pregnancy). I knelt on the floor leaning over my birthing ball and my body swayed with every contraction. By this time I was having 3 contractions every 10 minutes each lasting up to 2 minutes. I think this was the point I realised how much I enjoyed being in labour. I felt so calm and relaxed, yet with each contraction I still managed to find an even deeper relaxation. At a time when most people would be rushing to the hospital I was adamant I was going nowhere, it was just too perfect to move.

After a few hours (which barely felt like 20 minutes to me) with one contraction I felt a small gush of liquid. I assumed this would be my waters breaking but when I looked it turned out to be blood. We rang the hospital and they instructed us to go straight in. When we got to the hospital we went into the triage area. We were called in by a midwife who strapped all the necessary monitoring to my bump and informed us that our baby was fine and as there had been no more bleeding with any subsequent contractions it was nothing to worry about. She then proceeded to tell me that I was “far too calm and relaxed to really be in labour” so I should go home. This was excellent news – I could go back to my baobab tree. I said that I would use the toilet and then we would be on our way, but having 3 contractions on the way to the toilet and then another 3 on the way back a different midwife advised that she should just do a quick internal examination before we left … 7cm!!

esther 2

Well and truely in labour

Having established that I was indeed in labour, and progressing rather well, I was taken to delivery. I asked about the antibiotics but I was told not to worry as each cm would take about 2 hours for a labouring first time mother. I also asked about a birth pool as I was very keen for a water birth. Having been told that the room with the pool was in use, Josh jumped into action and reminded them about their portable pools which they did agree to fill! By this time it was early evening and the start of the next shift. Our new midwife and her student came and introduced themselves and I knew everything would be just fine. They administered a dose of I.V. antibiotics and read my birth plan as the pool filled. When it was ready I got into the lovely warm water … It was perfect. I was back in my baobab tree. The midwife turned out the lights apart from one small lamp and Josh put on my music again. I knelt in the pool leaning on the side and Josh rested his head next to mine. The contractions were still coming as regularly and I was still thoroughly enjoying every moment of my calm, quiet labour.

Just a few short hours after arriving on the delivery suite I realised that with each contraction I was actually pushing. I never said anything, I just let my body do what it needed to do. A few more contractions came and went and suddenly my midwife was next to me saying “you’ve done everything else yourself, so when you’re ready just scoop your baby up from the bottom of the pool”. To my absolute amazement I looked down and saw my daughter’s face for the very first time. I had gone through the whole process of labour and childbirth and it had been, without a doubt, the best experience of my life – a truly wonderful birth experience. I had no pain relief at all, not even one puff of gas and air, yet I had no pains, no stings, nothing unpleasant at all. My midwife allowed me to trust in my body to do what it naturally needed to do and I will always be grateful to her for adhering to my birth plan and resisting the temptation to tell me when to push!

My postnatal recovery was just as successful. I needed some sutures following the birth, but as soon as these were done I walked from delivery to the ward, much to the consternation of our student midwife who had been to find me a wheelchair! Having arrived on the ward at a rather unsociable 3am we were unable to share our exciting news with people, so for a few hours the 3 of us enjoyed the start of our family life together. We left hospital the following morning and I felt, quite simply, amazing. Our daughter really seemed to benefit from being born in such a calm environment. She didn’t cry at the birth and she has developed into possibly the most placid baby I have ever known. She is always smiling and content, and she started sleeping through the night from about 6 weeks.

I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful birth experience and it was all thanks to Natal Hypnotherapy.

The course with Janine not only prepared me for labour and birth, it also prepared Josh. He excelled in his role as birth partner and I felt completely at ease letting him be my gate-keeper as I went deeper and deeper into relaxation as my labour progressed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Natal Hypnotherapy to anyone. The CDs became part of my normal routine during pregnancy (click here for your free 15 minute track) and although a lot of people tell me they wouldn’t have time to sit and relax my answer is a simple one – make time, it is worth it! In the workshops with Janine she took everything that I had gained from these pregnancy relaxation and birth preparation sessions at home and made it personal to us. She focussed on our specific needs and tailored everything towards us, enabling us to have this exceptional experience.

To conclude my birth experience I have to add one final comment. Exactly one week after my perfect birth we woke up to the news that the Duchess of Cambridge was in labour. At this I turned to my husband and said, “I’m actually jealous, I really want to do it again”.

* the baobab tree is a concept that is taught on the Natal Hypnotherapy course – it is about creating a space which is quiet, private, dark and safe

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