10 things to say to a pregnant woman

One of things which never ceases to amaze me is how much negativity there seems to be around pregnancy and childbirth. In spite of the fact that everyone on this planet has been through the process, so many people find the whole subject more of a concern than a joy.  I understand why this has happened and why people who have found it a difficult experience, find solace in talking about their experiences to others. However if we all started promoting a sense of positivity and empowerment when talking to a pregnant woman, maybe we could break the viscous cycle.

So I came up with my top 10 things I say to pregnant woman:-

1. You look wonderful – pregnancy obviously suits you
2. This is going to be one lucky baby
3. You and your baby will be life long best buddies
4. What are you most looking forward to?
5. What has been your favourite moment of pregnancy so far?
6. The body is simply amazing – every baby truly is a miracle
7. (If this is a second pregnancy) I’d be happy to look after your
child so you can have some time to yourself
8.  I am so jealous!
9.  Birth was the most amazing experience of my life
10. I am here if you need me at any time

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